Wednesday, 25 April 2012

relax... take it easy!

Good morning,
Lying in bed thinking about how my day will turn out today.
Each day I do the same thing. I wake up and say my prayers and start the day.
Later to night I will be taking a trip for the long weekend ahead. I will be going to Durban to clear off and will be my families last stage to say goodbye to my brother.
Many people use different methods to keep them calm and relaxed. I have a friend who meditates on a regular basis so that they feel balanced, some people would usually take a day off and relax at home.
I wAs once told that sex helps in keeping a person balance. But unfortunately I don't have my dark chocolate to do that and make me happy. I recently took a trip to the drakensburg mountains ,there I had fun and got time to relax for the first time in years. During that weekend away it made me realise that one should always take time off no matter how busy they are to keep them from loosing it. So as the long weekend approaches I say to you have a good one. Drive safe for those going away. Stay warm in this cold weather. Use whatever means you use to help you relax weather is havin sex or meditating or relaxing on that sofa so that by the time week comes you ready and refreshed to face the world.
boss lady.

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