Saturday, 21 April 2012

To Get To The Top, You Must Start @ The Bottom

I wont bullshit you in high school i was never the smart kid. I hated being in the classroom but had to be there because my parents forced me to be there.
I was more of the sport fan at school. I was part of the 1st team netball and head of the cheer leading team.
It took a lot to get me through school but i managed to get through it.
After high school i decided to register at the university i am currently attending to obtain my degree in Journalism and media studies.
I decided to take journalism because i was never serious person in life and adventure was my second name.
During the course of my first year at varsity i was faced with so many ups and downs that even when i look back i never believe that it was me that made it through that. Due to stress levels and not being able to cope like any varsity student i partied hard hoping that it would get better but it got worse.
I had a mentor by the name of Andre who asked me one day if i wanted to to be an intern at the media company he worked for.
i was very sceptical at first but gave it a go.. had nothing else to loose.
On arrival i was shown the ropes of how the real journalism world operates. I was so excited but i knew this was definitely the career i wanted. Even if it meant running errands for the bosses i told myself i would do it just to get to the top .
This was during the June holidays. I started off by answering calls at the media company and taking down notes for the other senior journalist .
Each day i was taught something new. I sacrificed my holidays to be an intern that i had no idea where it would take me.
A moth after my intern at the company the editor called me to his desk and asked me if i would be able to handle a finally i was given a story, but wait how do i write a story? what questions do i ask?
my hands were so sweaty i could feel my blood pressure increase. i still remember my first article that was published in one of the most selling newspapers in South Africa , on the 4 July 2008.
After the holidays it was time to go back to school. I was so determined to work hard at school because i wanted t be a writer. i wanted to be a journalist no matter what. i worked hard at school,made sure all my school work was submitted. The year was finally over and i had to take a decision to either go to Grahamstwon or stay in JHB. I decided to go to Grahamstown and spent a year there learning IR. I had this idea that i wanted to have a journalistic and political insight with me so i did that.
after spending a year in Grahamstown i found out i was pregnant as i was in a committed relationship but it a stage in life where allot happened and made me fall back on my studies.
i dropped out of school and packed my bags and came back home because i needed my family more than ever.
i went back to the media company and did some freelancing and within a couple of months they offered me contract at the company. so i decide to work because i had a child i had to feed now.
although my parents were disappointed they still stuck by me through it all and kept promising me that all will be okay this is just a small  hurdle that one goes through in life.
end of 2010 my mother gave me forms to go back to school.
i was so ashamed and embarrassed that how would people look at me,that my parents send me to school to get   a degree and i come back with a baby but no degree.
i was scared but my mother told me there is no point in having a job but no degree , you are not the first one to have a baby and you are not the last. you will achieve great just keep your head up high.
So i registered at school and went back to doing my second year.
During the middle of my second year my work started to interfere with my school work and my marks were decreasing.
it was had being a mother, a student, and a career women.
i had to make a really hard decision that it was either i quite working and have no degree or i put working on hold and finish my studies.
my parents decided to take my daughter so that i could focus on school.
through the grace of God i completed my second year.
i was sad that i had no income now and i was so used to being independent to living off my parents but i still kept my head high up .
its 2012 now and I'm in third year .the last year of my degree . in the beginning of the year i don't know how many cvs i sent to so many company's looking for a job. i prayed , i knocked on every door possible but had no luck . inside me i had even given up hope that it was the end of me.
I was noting but a student.
One day i received a call from a women who told me she got my contacts from a friend . she asked me for forward her my portfolio. i had no hope because that is something i had heard before and did not believe it but i just sent it.
months went by and one day while i was in class i received a sms saying that this certain company would like me to come down to cape town to work for them.
i had no idea what kind of magazine it was but i just said yes.
over the past few weeks i decided to google the company and to my shocking face i realised that it was a magazine i had always dreamt about being part off.
so guys the purpose of this blog is to show you that things happen for some fucked up reason but only GOD knows why he gives you such.
in order to get to where you want to be you must start at the bottom. nobody said the road would be easy but you need to keep your head up and keep pushing.
next year  i move to Cape Town to start my dream job.
i still think I'm dreaming but guess what i made it and im still going to ,make it. all the way to the top.


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