Saturday, 21 April 2012


Sitting with my girls on a daily basis we talk about "women stuff" as we put it to men. It starts of on how life is treating us, than we move onto the problems that we are faced with as women, than we get to the sex life we faced with in our lives and the men we have.
If every man could sit in on a women's hang out session i think there wouldn't be so many relationships with problems.
A chill session is not a chill session without some Savannah's. It helps ease our nerves and calm us from what ever the topic is.
Today's questions i asked them, is there something as prince charming or most people would put it ,is there something as Mr right?
I have never expected a man to fulfil my requirements but at least he has to have some of them. fair enough?
We all have our expectations as women some are too far fetched some are reasonable. I have chosen not to put my friends names due to privacy.
Friend A
This friend states that he has to be tall, dark, has to have a paying job, good sense of style, soft lips,loving,caring,funny and God fearing.
someone that can make me laugh,take care of me,protect me, looks good and is serious when needed to be.

Friend C
Friend  C was very simple in her description of her perfect man. she simply said the man must know how to give me good loving. the sex has to great. "there is nothing that pisses me off than having sex with a man who only cares about his own orgasm and not about how i am feeling" she put it.
we all laughed out loud after hearing this but we all agreed.
This  friend of mine has been known not for having dating one man. shes had two men in her life and has been like that ever since.
when i asked her why she does that she said she does not do well in relationships. commitment has just been something she cannot do and she has tried but not succeeded . its not because i am acting like a loose women but because i have tried it but have never worked out. why have Mr right if i can have them all? lol
When the table had turned to me they asked me , What do i expect a man to have.........
i froze for a min because i needed to have the correct words for this.
My friends laughed when it was my turn to describe my prince charming.
i like my men dark! lol dark chocolate i call it.
he has to know to and when to kiss me.(jiucy lips) there has never been  a guide to how a man should kiss but there has always been that thing that shows him how to kiss me.
I like a man who looks good in what he dresses himself in. i am a mother so i wouldn't date a man who hangs his pants down all the way to his ass as though hes going through a midlife crisis.
i am a very bootylicious women and i like a man who can appreciate all this yummy meat i have surrounding my hips. lol
he has to smell good. theres nothing that turns a women on than how a man smells. its not a large criteria to fit but my friends tell me I'm very fussy.
I like having fun so he has to up for whatever crazy idea i have.

I enjoy having such great friends who are so diverse because i learn something new each day .
so when all of our criteria was put together we made a list of what we think Mr perfect should be.
so i still  ask is there such thing as prince charming or the perfect man?????????

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