Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dear death

Dear death,
who are you ,where do you come come?
You take away the ones that we love the most and leave the ones we dread. you have recently taken my brother. I still try to trace back what happened when you came knocking at my families door, it feels like yesterday when i walked pass his coffin to say my last goodbyes.
why did you creep in the middle of the night and scared my family like that?
why did you take away the opportunity of my children ever having an uncle.
he had so much to live for but you saw him and liked him.
but who are you death? we pray you leave us alone but you manage to slip through the door and take away a loved one.
my mother hasn't been the same since you came. she cries in the middle of the night when she thinks we are not around but i hear her cries.
i ask her whats wrong but she tells me its nothing deep down knowing that she misses her son.
why is it that life gives us someone to love but than take them away when they feel like it?
is it possible to live a life without loving anyone so that when its time for them to go we don't feel so much pain?
if death hasn't knocked at your door he will some time in your life, its part of the human journey.
i miss you till today,especially when my days are down because to you i was always your little sister.
lala kahle hlomuka,nigyakukumbula. siyobonana kwelinye ilizwe.

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