Friday, 13 April 2012


As we grow we never get the time to reflect on our lives and the things that have happened to us to realise that we are much stronger than we tend to think of ourselves....well that's what has been happening to me lately.
A month ago i was in a situation where i was left hurt , broken, angry, disappointed frustrated and any other sad words you could think  of. I have always heard that the pain of being accused by someone you love dearly is more painful when you know you did not do the wrong deed than when you actually did commit the "crime"
BUT anyway back to the topic, i had lost my self esteem and made me loose myself.
I have always been a strong believer of God but when i saw what he did for me i truly believed that he is an amazing man.
During my lent time of fasting i decided to change my life around and stopped feeling sorry for myself. i got up and dusted myself off and started a journey that has made me the DIVA i am today.
Many call it big headed, some say you annoying, some say you think you all that, over confident,too big for your shoes,your have attitude............
 I call it being your own DIVA and taking control of your life.
When someone tells you how useless you are look them in the eyes and say SO WHAT! and prove them wrong.
I have realised that if you tell yourself you are not great or look down on yourself than that is how society will treat you  but if you walk tall and put your head up high even when you know that your world is crumbling down watch how people will worship the ground you walk on.
Everyday since i have started bringing out my inner DIVA i wake up and make sure i look so sexy and have the confidence i want because if you look great you feel great.
Did you realise that each day you live once and will never have the opportunity to do it again? that is why most people live with what if this, what if that in their lives.
I have stopped being the follower and started being the leader and setting my own trend. be proud of Who you are and embrace it.
I had a child at the tender age of 21 but guess what I'm dame proud of who i am. many would say i have messed up my future but the they don't its only the beginning of going to the top.
Going straight ahead!! life is like riding a bike to keep balance you must move forward.
I am one person who never holds grudges . I  was hurt but i forgave. a couple of days ago Mr. president Baba Zuma was celebrating his 70th  birthday and was ask does he do it to look so good at his age? He answered the journalists by saying I'm humble, i don't hold on to the past or dwell on things that will make me unhappy. people who hold grudges and are constantly mad their hearts even up getting wrinkled and the tend to grow old fast but those who embrace, love ,appreciate what life has to bring for them live a longer life.
Thank you Mr president for your words of wisdom.
So when you see me walking on the street with my hair down and in heels walking like own the world when of course i do own my world, with my sun glasses don't be shocked its cause I'm walking to walking towards my future ,its so bright that i have to wear sun glasses to see it.
Remember when you choose to forgive those who have hurt you , you take away their power.
you wont win in life with people who fight with you . When you stop fighting with people god comes in a fights for you.
If your feeling stuck in life, lost, dont know what to do or where to go the thing you must do is keep going.!!!
Yes i get that life is not easy but everyday im still surviving.....  im  brilliant! im a DIVA!
When life seems to be at a stand still when your efforts seem useless listen to that little voice in you that keeps saiyng....TRY AGAIN.!

So, when your past calls ,press the ignore has notihng new to say.... go forward

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