Tuesday, 27 March 2012

prayer changes !!!!!

Have you ever been down and have no where to run and no one to talk to ? When days are dark the only person you can turn to is the lord your god.
Many have had problems and cried. Saying they have tried it all but have not heard answers but they forget that there is 1 person who will be by your side through it all..... That's god.
Life has its up and downs but you know what god has and will nevr give you challenges you are not capable of handling.
There is a song by sfiso ncwane saying kulungile baba. It means through it all its okay because whatever happens its because of gods will. Its okay to cry but don't cry for long because the devil will rejoice. Even when people are laughing at you its okay, even when your world is falling apart its okay, even when everyone has turned their backs on you its okay, all that is happening its okay, even when its good days or bad days its okay, even when people throw our faith to the floor its okay ,even when things are not okay its okay, even when you have lost all hope and it hurts its okay, even when you have problems......... ITS OKAY BECAUSE ITS GODS WILL.
You know there are people who sleep without food but they still do not go hungry because gods love,faith is filled in their stomachs. So I say to you all never doubt your lord. He has a plan for you.
Another song is by Labi something inside so strong. When I first heard that song I never went a day without playing. "Something inside so strong I know I can make it. You thought my pride was gone. The more you refuse to hear my voice the louder the louder I will sing. If you hide behind the walls of jerico the wall will come tumbling down on you. " Those are some of the words from the song. Guys god is always with us but we only talk to him when we in need and he has never judged as.
So its easter time. Take the time and reflect on yourself and ask yourself am I doing things right?
Don't ever loss hope. We are running a christian race and yes we shall concor it all. Don't let people put you down cause that's the devil talking in them.
May you all have a blessed easter. And let us keep our faith and run the race.
Stay blessed. !!!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Never give up keep your head up

  2. There is no other God bigger than my Lord Jesus Christ, it shall be well with all my beloved ones.