Sunday, 25 March 2012


Would you rather be wealthy and unhappy? or happy but not so wealthy?
i was raised i a home where i got everything i wanted. all i had to do was say and it was done. now that i am 24 yrs old that life seems to get boring by the day. my parents have a tendency of wanting to control me in everything i do. from the men i dated , to the cloths i wear even who i socialise with. it gets on my nerve lately cause all my parents do is put their nose where it doesn't belong, what frustrates me is now they have this thing of wanting to control me of how i raise my daughter. my parents have never been people to show affection. if you were sad or miserable they would take out the bank card and tell you to spoil yourself till you feel better. they would never sit down with you and talk. now i am trying to be a good parents to my kid but yho these two are really giving me hell. i have come to a point where i really do resent them a bite but sometime i think they doing whats best for me but also i feel at my age my parents should let me be my own flower and not let be part of my stem .
i am the last born from my dad and only child with my mother so you can only imagine how much my parents are expecting fro me. i feel like i am holding the world on my shoulders and yet it is just my parents.
i don't have the guts to tell them to leave me alone cos they would cut me off financially lol lol and that is a shit hard thing for them to do .
i am tired of living a life under my parents Shadow. i need to be me and find my own identity but not according to those two ...........i can already see myself married and my parents wanting to control my marriage. tjo hai !!!!
they keep yelling at me saying i am very ungrateful and do not appreciate the love and support they give me. would i be writing this if i was getting the love and support i wanted??
 like really now but each time i open my mouth my dad says this education of yours is giving you a big head....than why did you send me to school dad?? to shut up? please!!!!

on the other hadn i sometimes think maybe old age is kicking in hard......


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