Sunday, 18 March 2012


Hi guys.....
As you all know i am raising puffins by myself . i have a loving boyfriend who supports me in any way possible and gives me unconditional love. now ntokozo's father and i split long time ago and i have learnt to forgive him for all the pain that he caused me.i had already decided that i would never tell ntokozo about her father even when she asks me about him. few days ago i received a phone call from him telling me he wanted to talk.....
dam was i nervous but at the same time i wanted to know what was so important that would make him travel from Kimberly to Johannesburg to want to talk to me.
so this past weekend i meet up with him and hes family. on arrival i was welcomed like never before by his mother and the rest of the family. now bare i was never their favourite person. i have had anger in me. we were suppose to be the perfect couple but shit happened which i cannot go into detail but in short i never had my fairytale ending.
we sat down and he explained to me how sorry he was for all the pain and hardship he had put me through and would like us to give it another go..
where does forgiveness come in here? do you drop whatever you have and run back to his arms or do you just tell yourself that was your history let it be.
we have a daughter together so i will always love him but where does one draw the line with forgiveness and moving on??

how do you forgive someone you love who was suppose to be by your side when you were giving birth to your first born daughter? can these two people in the picture who were once in love be able to put back the pieces? with so much that has happened how do you find it in your heart to tell someone you forgive them?

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