Thursday, 23 February 2012


Everyday i wake up and thank the Lord for blessing me with this amazing angel. Her name is Ntokozo. it means happiness and yes she brings happiness to me. she was born on the 5 October 2010 . She was a world cup baby lol lol  . I have two roles  i play in my life. i am a mother and a student. I go home everyday after a long day at school or work and as soon  as i put my bag down i run to my puffins and hug her. i make sure that everyday i play with her even when my body tells me it has had enough, but i keep my head up and give my daughter all the love and care.
i wont lie motherhood has not been an easy road. i remember when i first came home with her she would sleep during the day and at night cry none stop. there were days where she would cry and i would not have a clue to what is going on with her. right now shes going through the stages they call the terrible twos. she brakes everything she finds and has one heck of a temper. i loss my cool with her cause shes naughty but it doesnt mean i love her less.
as i type my angel is sleeping right next to me holding me tight.
having a child at a young age was not a wise thing but i never regret having puffins. she is my everything and best of all she has a family that loves her.