Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Hi Guys,
Was driving to school the other day and was tuned into a local radio stations morning motivation. This is when everyday at 7 am the motivation speaker comes in a and gives people the word of the day.
I couldn't stop laughing while I was listening to this but also at the same time deep down in  myself I knew what pastor zondo was saying was true.
I blog today because i really would like to share it with you.
As we leave a relationship weather you are male or female we tend to undermine ourselves and loose our self esteems. This happens because one usually wonders why that certain relationship ended.
Well according to Zondo  he says that there is nothing wrong with you . God does not make you this way so that  you will not find love .
For instance if you use diesel in your car you wont go and want to mix diesel and petrol.
Those two do not go hand in hand but diesel and diesel go well.
Same thing with a relationship , you might not click with someone because they are just a diesel and you are the petrol. there is nothing wrong with who you are but the person you decided to mix yourself with.
He states that people can be together for more than 10 years and realise that they are two different things, and they should never blame each other because it took them so long so realise that  they are not fit for each other.
Ever wonder why one guy might not like you or your style but the next guy you meet might be madly in love with you?
Simple its the diesel and petrol thing.
He also stated that to be a hero you need to be a failure first . Nelson Mandela did not be who he is without failing in his life time.

We fail in life so that we get motivated and be stronger at the gift that you will receive next.
So  leave with my short blog today by saying keep your head up. weather you are a diesel or petrol you will find you match. Don't go pouring all kinds of petrol's not knowing that you use diesel.
don't let all sorts of  other diesels destroy your petrol tank because once its damaged it take allot to clean it and make it look new ........

signing out; BOSS LADY

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