Sunday, 20 May 2012

Morals of ethics.

It has recently  hit the news about the painting by artist Brett Murray  "The Spear for the first time" The painting is showing President Zuma half naked with his penis in display.
When I first heard the story before even seeing the picture I was shocked that people will go to that extent to show their creativity.
We live in a democratic country where we are free to have a freedom of expression but when does one draw the line to that expression?
In our constitution it says "all are free to have the freedom of expression as long as it does not cause harm to someone else"
In this case it has. President Jacob Zuma says he was “shocked, and felt personally ­offended and violated” when he saw a copy of artist Brett Murray’s painting The Spear for the first time.

The painting, which has divided public opinion in the country, ­depicts him as “a philanderer, a womaniser and one with no ­respect”, says Zuma.

In ethics we are taught that as a journalist we should be able to separate what is private and what is public and in this case his private life was violated. some say when you become president your life turns from being private to being public. That the public deserves to know , BUT in only matters that concerns the public.
I don't think that putting the presidents penis on display is counted as the right for the public to know.
We as the public tend to forget that although he is our president at the end of the day he is someones father.
Imagine if that was your father on that painting.
The freedom you enjoy does not give anyone weather you are rich or poor, black or white, the right or freedom to disrespect others.
The artist  commented by saying that the picture was a way to show corruption and nepotism. WTF????????!!!!!!!
IN what way is showing our presidents penis a way of corruption?
where does the corruption come in here?
In ethics we are taught that the morals and values that you are taught at home,school,and social settings is what makes you who you are. Clearly this guy did not have any of those when he was growing up.
I will not bring up the race card because this has nothing to do with race but UBUNTU!
When i first met the president in 2009 i was excited to go spend a day with him and his family. The first thing my parents told me was remember, although you are a journalist remember you are a child to him and he this is your father. respect him and humble yourself.
In my Zulu culture we are raised in a society that you don't need to be raised by your biological father in order to give another man respect . he is still your father and when approaching him you do not address him by his first name but say baba as a sign  of respect.
Where did those morals of ethics go in our country?
we are so quick to point fingers at the wrongs of others but yet we forget that the one finger you are pointing at someone else you have the other three fingers pointing back at yourself.
Many newspapers we so quick to post the picture as their front pages because they felt it was some way amusing but many others decided that they will not do that .
i would rather leave the story than have my dignity shamed like that.
I  sit and think did the artist think before doing this? what was going through his mind when he did this?
You might not like the president but it gives you no right to show him in that  way. there are other ways to show your frustration.
We forget that this man that people are shaming is the man who is representing our country and if other nations see this what would it say about our country? I know!, other countries will think we have no morals , we are barbarians who have no sense of UBUNTU.
We do not respect others which means we do not respect ourselves.
so to the artist , you have got spot light you wanted, but lost your dignity in the process. i hope you happy.
By me posting this picture I'm not saying in encouraging what is done but simply showing people what bad art work is.
Will Smith once said "Sometimes when you get angry you have the right to be angry ,but it doesn't give you the right to be cruel"  he also said, " People cant change the truth but the truth can change people" I hope the artist goes home to learn some morality.

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  1. Well done. It all came down to application of professional ethics.

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