Wednesday, 24 October 2012

never bottle things up

When the doctor says to you, you must decide what's important your life or the things that are making you sick and stressing you. That is when you need to realise that the rate you going its not going okay. We may not realise it but stress is one of the highest things that can kill a person. You put strain on your heart and body to a point where it gets tired to even function. I'm a person who stresses most of my time and to a extent where I sit and think of solutions day in and out. My cuzin was on drugs for years and we never understood the reason why he did such. He would isolate himself and would go steal to get his next fix. He had a family that cared and provided for him but we would all ask ourselves why is he doing these things??? During his time in rehab he finally spoke out and told us that while he was on drugs his friends n him would take trips to boksburg to the rich peoples home and brake into them. On one occasion they entered a house where they thought no one was home. As they went through the house they found a white women in the house. They tied up the women and made her take out all her belongings. His friend than took out a knife and stabbed her. As they left the house a squad of policemen were waiting for them outside cos the women pressed the panic button. That picture has been haunting him and each time he was not high he would always wonder whatever to the women if she lived or died that is why most of his time he would prefer to be high as he forgets his demons. It doesn't need to be professional help but I say always have a friend or family member to talk to cause holding deep emotions you are killing yourself more each time. As exams are about to start never undermine yourself. Go in there and give it your all. When you stress you forget all the things you learnt and make stupid mistakes. If you have people in your life who stress you or issues think to yourself"why are you stressing when they are going on with their lives not giving a dam about you. " Good luck guys. Live is a journey we're the road is smooth and rough at times but the most important thing is that you achieve your goal. God bless.
BOSS LADY signing off.   

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