Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Hey bloggers,
wow, it's been a minute! A lot has been happening in my life which has kept me off track.
Firstly let me announce that I am the new copy editor of BONA magazine. At the age of 23 I was able to reach an achievement that most people reach later on in their 30's.
It's been a long and dusty road where I would find myself sending cv's everyday but you know the saying God answers us in rows and my turn was coming..... AND IT FINALLY DID!
I have had days where I would cry asking the lord why am I suffering so much as it was difficult being a single mom, but my god never gave up on me.
I thank all my friends and family who have been there for being there for me and giving me the support I needed. to my haters keep hating cause your hatred has got me somewhere leaving you nowhere.
but there's one specific person I want to acknowledge in this my boyfriend.
through it all he's never given up and stuck through it all with me. I remember on the day of my Bona interview he sent me a sms at 4am wishing me all the luck.
there were days where I had nothing and he would take out his last cent to make sure i have whatever I needed, thank you my love.
I must say I am enjoying my new job, although it is hard to juggle both being at school and work not forgetting being a mom to ntokozo lol.
I have grown as a person and my self confidence has gone from 50 to 180. lol
It's been 6 months now and I am loving every bit of this journey at my new company.
I wake everyday with excitement knowing I'm going to do what I love the most.
so I say to those who have not reached their goal, never give up! keep sending and pushing that paper. hard work and patience will pay off.

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