Tuesday, 13 November 2012


So it's the end of exams and I thought life would get less stressful but I've realised that as 1 grows the more responsibility one takes one. I'll be growing a year older in two weeks to come and I must say its shit exciting but scary.
Decided to go to church today. We had holy communion. Although I don't know we're tomorrow will take me but my god has already set out my journey.
I'm grateful for the downfalls I've had in my life because it makes it shows the devil that yes my God does live.
The power of God is greater than your problems.
We all have our own problems in life but that is why we are there. To learn and strengthen ourselves. If a person comes to you and asks for your help never turn your back on them because God has never turned his back on you. Take time to assist those who need help because you never know when the tables will turn.
Don't play with the blessings you are given. There are homes we're they do not know we're they will get their next meal. There will come a time we're the world will turn will turn their backs on you. Even the ones you love. But remember this God will never forsake you or turn his back on you. When the lord saw his people he said to them peace be with you. Deuteronomy 16 speaks of how people should give according to the blessings of the lord your god has given you.
I may not know the troubles you go through, I may not know the hurdles you have faced , I may not the nights you have cried asking for help but no human had time for you , I may not the many prayers you have said but because the lord has always been there you we're able to pass and conquer it all.
Those are the words I received today at church from our priest. Felt like he was talking to me but we all have our days we're we need god n one another. Happy Sunday guys.

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