Friday, 16 November 2012


Without my granny I wouldn't even be alive. Mama turned 87 years old on the 19th August. I'm very blessed to have this women in my life. When my grandfather passed on many years ago my granny had to get a job to support her family. She went to work as a maid for many years in the suburbs. She was a single parent and managed to raise 10 children alone. Her salary was not much but look at us where we are now. Her children are successful her grandchildren are educated and we only thank God for keeping her with us all these years.
On her birthday I asked her what she wanted? She simply said just for my family to be here with me. At her age she needs love and care all the time. I make sure I call her everyday to tell her how much I love her. month end I go and buy her favourite food just to make her smile because what else can you give her when she already has it all?  
point of my story is guys please love your family despite it all. I know one day I will wake up and my gogo won't be around. I make sure i enjoy each day with her and make it a memorable one.  
Each time i visit her she tells me she wont die till she see's me married. ( Good thing that wont be happening soon which means she'l be around longer lol )

I love you gogo!
Ma Gamede wami

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