Tuesday, 13 November 2012

penny for my thoughts!

two weeks till the boss lady turn 24years old....
at the age of 24 I have a beautiful baby girl, I am copy editor of one of South Africa's top selling magazines, I have completed my schooling and have moving out of home.
it's been a fucken long road( excuse my French ) but really it has. I have lost and gained friends but all I have kept my faith high and my god keeps blessing me.
not sure what my plans for my birthday are but I plan on having loads of fun. I reflect on the past year and thank god for blessing me with another number to add on to my years on earth.
can't believe just yesterday I was daddy's little girl and now I'm all grown up.
this year god showed me wonders and we all know when god shows up he shows off!
before I know it I will be 30 soon ,lol
so anyway this week at work there is an intern who wanted to come see the kind of work I do. wasn't so keen on doing it but I'm not the kind of person who is selfish so I took her in.
she's arrived here so shy and scared reminded me of my first day of being an intern.
I'm teaching as much as I can but the end of the day it is up to her to what she makes of life.
help others because you never know when you might as well need help.
next year I plan on buying my dream car. if you dream it , than it will happen. merc here I come.
I dream and set goals for myself because I see it as a way to guide me. I dream big but I work my ass off as well.
life does not stop at 21 but it begins at 21. to those who think they will not make it , it's all in the mind. let your haters hate because they will be at the bottom and you will be at the top saying fuckers I told you so. lol anyhow guys that's just me.
enjoy your day.

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