Monday, 26 November 2012


Two weeks ago I got introduced to a girl who reminded me of my days in first year.
A friend came to me and told me he knew this girl who is hard working and needed to do some internship.
I wasn't sure if I could teach someone the ropes of how to be a journalist because the road I took if I could change it I would. But on the other hand without those pot holes I went through I wouldn't be where I am. Emily arrived very nervous but very determined to work hard and learn.
As days went on she proved just that, very hard working. It wasn't in my job description to take an intern but I knew how hard it is to be a journalist. The many doors you knock on and get rejected. I wasn't going to do that. We travelled together every morning for two weeks and I must say I had fun. She has a smile that would lighten up any persons mood. I wish her the best towards her journey of being a journalist. It's a long road but I know she has the power to do it. She puts God first and everything else after. On my last day with her, her parents thanked me for giving their daughter such an opportunity. The small things you do mean a lot to others. So guys when someone comes knocking at your door open that door and welcome them. God never turns his back on you when you knock.
Emily good luck girl. It was a pleasure to have you. May god be with you every step of your journey and remember never to forget who you are because the world changes people. And continue to respect your parents the way I saw you do. No one will support you and be there for you even when you down like your parents and God. They will always be with you.
Stay blessed girl! Sky is the limit. This is only the beginning of great things to come.

Signing off, Boss Lady

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