Thursday, 24 January 2013

good morning guys!

Hi Guys,
Can I get an amen January is finally over!!!! As we all adjust back to the likes of life I do hope everyone has been living up to their goals of 2013. I have been trying *hides* lol .
Must say I have been living each day as it come. although there has been some hiccups but guess what ? I'm still alive!
I recently came across a comment on my blog from someone who showed me that there are people who take time to read other peoples blogs. Must say it truly gave me hope as a journalist that technology has not really won this race because we as human have depended so much on technology that we forget to look up and find friends and communicate with people across the globe.
Back to what has been happening to me , I'm pleased to say that my daughter has been potty trained and no more nappies. it felt like a proud moment for me. like really she is growing up. Her dad has been granted access to see her now by my family which im pleased because there is some sort of respect between us now and i feel happy that i don't have to stress everyday about my daughter.
on my love life that all i have to say is wait and see there will be something soon to shock you bloggers ( laughs)

have a great day!

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