Sunday, 3 February 2013


We took this picture of our hands to remind us that when things get tough we just need to hold onto each other. 

Last year I asked myself if I was ready for love? I can finally say yes I am!
I have meet the most amazing man who has showed me that love does finally to around. I feel like a little girl who experiencing her first crush. He's a man born and raised in PMB. When I wake up every morning I smile and thank god for blessing my life with so much love and happiness.
First thing I remember asking him was are you married? To my reply he said NO! (happy dance)
when I asked why he explained to me which was very comforting to meet someone who has no luggage that I can say he's mine and not have to worry about another women being all psycho ( lol )  
It's not every day where you find romantic notes telling you how much your an amazing women. I look forward to my tomorrows because he's always talking about ours. I'm learning to enjoy every day as it comes, open my heart and speak my emotions.
We find ourselves talking everyday till the early hours of the morning and not realising the time. He appreciates me and my bluntness, never did I think a man would like me for me being so honest.
As a single mom it is very hard to get into a relationship because although you want to love the first person you think about is your child.
I was honest with him from day 1 what I wanted and that I have a child. I was not going to wait three months into the relationship to ask him what he wanted I needed to know there and then. I'm pleased to say we are both on the same page for our tomorrows. He's not perfect but neither am I. We fight like any couple but we make up and have a friendship that can handle any hurdle.
He loves Ntokozo. At first I found it weird whenever he called he would want to speak to her. But I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure.  
He is a loving father because he has a  daughter of his own.  
Well that is a great start to me 2013 It looks like this year things are looking great!
stay blessed guys! 


  1. Beautiful Pics! You got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from Poland :*

  2. Hey thank you will def follow your blog