Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Hi Guys
Happy lent. South Africa has been making headlines lately. First with the rape and now Oscar Pistorius killing his girlfriend on Valentines day.
I don't have much to comment on the issues. Firstly no man has the right to rape. That is bull for someone to think women enjoy being penetrated without their concerns.
By me wearing my mini skirt I am not calling rape for myself. I am suppose to be living in a country where I am free to voice my opinions and be who ever but women are living in fear because men are finding it hard to keep their penises away.
I hope the world can move and learn from this pain that people are going through. Next is Oscar I have no words because the only people who were there were Reeve and Oscar so who am I to judge? Who are we to point fingers and say things happened yet we were not all there. I hope justice is done in the correct way and people find peace and comfort.
Its the time for Lent where we fast and pray for 40days. I have started my journey and It was hard at first but heck I am proud of myself. Only my God knows what I am giving up. So guys things are happening around us and we don't stop and observe. Its time to stop pointing and start praying. May we all find peace and forgiveness during this time. Prayer changes guys. Trust your lord and he will show you miracles.

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