Sunday, 6 January 2013


happy New Year everyone! Yep, we made it to 2013....
 I just returned to work and it feels like I've been gone only for a day. New Year and new goals. I hope everyone's holidays were fantastic. I must say these holidays for me were the best looking back on all the years. I decided to spend it with m family and making each day count. Most days were spent on drinking lol. My family and I were having the time of our lives. I was never a big fan of wine but my dad has introduced me to it and I must say one I really enjoyed it. There was some family hiccups but that's family, we fight and we make up and we love each other more. I decided to go out and have fun with no regrets and I DID! As the saying goes what happens on holiday stays on holiday. but I will give you a sneak at what happened. My holiday started with the girls and I going to Gold Reef city taking to Vilakazi Str in Soweto and having a ball. Then I did some travelling got to see my home town. Ntokozo got to see her dad's side of the family which was nice. And the rest is Like everyone else I don't know what the year ahead has in store for us but I do plan on making the most of it. I have given up smoking (victory dance) and decided to go back to church full force. This does not mean Zee will change it just means there will be some adjustments to my life. It won't be easy but YES I CAN DO IT! So this is the year were I'm hanging up my single status and trying this thing called relationship. lol lol Other goals are between my God and but watch the space and you will see. Deleted all those who didn't matter to me in 2012 so I thought why would they matter this year???? Anyhow have a great year guys. All the best and have fun!

Signing off: Boss Lady

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