Thursday, 10 January 2013


Morning guys!
So first week of the new year was not that bad. It's been busy but it's been fun. There is a saying that says better the snake you know than the one you don't funny I know but this week I ran into some deep shit , can't really go into it but with knowing someone for so many years I decided to ask help from Ntokozo's father. With all our ups and downs we have had I must say I was so shocked with how he pulled through for me. There was even a point where I yelled at him but he still stuck it out.
We have had our differences but I want to thank him for all the help and support. Spending December together I think has made our parental relationship much better.
Some days ago my parents sat me down and told me it was time to let Ntokozo's dad back to be a father to our child.  Two years is a long time to hold anger and now my daughter has her dad back and I'm grateful to god for that blessing, because of him I can look forward to a new year.
Thank you baba Shongwe

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