Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Growing up I always thought that I would stay the same body size and shape. Little did I know that after motherhood reality would hit and my body would experience a dramatic change.
My daughter was born 4 years ago and my partner has never criticized my body but appreciated how I looked.  As years passed I started to feel uncomfortable with how my body was looking.  I went onto the Internet to find the fastest and easiest ways to lose weight but nothing worked; from diet pills to homemade remedies I tried anything and everything to avoid the root of going to the gym.
Many women across the world are faced with challenges but the most common challenge amongst women is weight loss.  There are so many remedies that the Internet has provided that I myself have browsed and tried with no success.
After some time I saw that there was no easy way out from shedding off the pregnancy weight.
Three months ago I decided to join the gym. This was not my first attempt at going to the gym but one thing I know had changed was my attitude towards it. I was determined and motivated that I would reach my goal even if it meant having painful muscles after a session.   I went to my nearest Virgin Active and signed up.
We all set goal at how much weight one would like to lose but I had one goal in mind. I was determined that by the time summer came I would be comfortable enough to wear a two piece swimsuit. That was my ultimate goal.
The first month I attended the classes that the gym offered but I saw no change. I still weighed the same.  This made me wonder what I was doing wrong. After some time I saw a guy who was a Personal Trainer at the gym. I decided to go find out what was his job exactly. He then explained to me what role does a Personal Trainer play. Only then did I understand that if I wanted to reach my goal by Summer time I had to make sacrifices and be more determined.
Three months ago I weighed 75kg. I am a young mother who enjoys clothes and shopping but due to this weight I was not enjoying going to the mall because trying on those clothes reminded me of how big I was.
It is July now and I pleased to say I have lost 8kg since I decided to change my life around.
To all women who are struggling with weight problems PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!
I did not go and buy fancy expensive foods that I knew that I would not be able to afford but I took what I had in the house and worked around it.
I have not reached my goal but I am seeing a big difference since I got a Personal Trainer to guide me through my journey.
My Personal Trainer recommended I go buy Biogen Whey Protein the shake and body toner pills. Biogen converts your fat into muscles that while you are working out at the gym the process is much faster.

GYM: I go to gym 5 times a week for one hour. Trust me when I say that hour in the gym makes a difference. If you go to the gym and walk out with no sore muscles you are not pushing yourself hard enough. 
FOOD: I have three meals per day, small portions with two snacks in-between meals which consist of fruits.  I do not eat bread anymore or starchy foods. I stick to meat and vegetables. You may not like it at first but your body will get used to it. I have not had any fast foods in over 4 months now. This does not mean I do not treat myself once in a while.
Let us get one thing straight treating yourself does not mean you are treating yourself everyday but a treat is something you get when you feel you have deserved it. So if you have been to the gym for a whole month you deserve a treat.
Losing weight is not always about looking sexy but it is also about looking after your health.  It all starts with you. If you can think it you can achieve it.
Why wait if you can start today in changing your life around. If you say you will start next month it will always be next month. (Trust me I speak from experience)

Take control of your life and make a difference.

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