Monday, 3 December 2012


Morning guys,
Monday again but the year is nearly over, just need to hang in there. My birthday was yesterday and dam did I have the best weekend. My Friday started off with me going to work. My girls and I usually go out for drinks on Fridays and unwind . This Friday was different. The girls threw me a surprise birthday party. I was so blown away because I was not expecting much but it really lightened up my mood.

They took me to a wonderful place in Main Str. were they served African dishes from all over African. We really enjoyed ourselves. I was finished (drunk) because of the many toasts that were made. The messages they told me made me very teary. I love you girls with my all. Only now do I realise that the little things I do mean a lot but I never realise that.

 I was taught how to play drumbs here lol

 and the drinks kept coming.....

 fantastic African food....yummy

From there we partied the night away.
Sunday 00;00am the messages started flocking in, lol . I didn't realise how much love I have from the people I know and those close to me. my face book page kept sending me messages that friends have sent me wishes. thank you so much for the love guys. The gifts were amazing . shows that people take time to get to know me and when buying me gifts they get exactly what the doctor ordered.
One of my best friend wrote me a love letter lol :
Gonna write u a love goes:) .......................................................................................................

U are one crazy chick!:D No but seriously, you are theeee best, a kind soul O:)   , a Diva ;;), A yummy mommy :p (now I know how to love my kid and look fabulous while doing it), A great lover  <3 (Pity some assholes don't/didn't appreciate it 8-|, Wonderful daughter :) (Makes me wanna reach out to my own mom everyday :( ), Ur a Fantastic friendB) one BIG ball of Fun and happiness, till today I thank God that he brought u in my life for a purpose, coz U helped and introduced me to the media,  B) :) now I can look forward to building my career thanks to u! My friend I don't have an expensive gift, but the respect and love I have 4 u is big and the way I cherish U even bigger!<3, brings me too much joy to wish u a Happy Birthday, A BIG kiss:* to your mom and dad, with their relationship came a wonderful being, they r rock stars  !:DB) (y), I'd stay on this phone 4 years if I wanna say everything that's in my heart! Look ur the best and may u have a blessed Birthday and Pray to God O:) to keep those blessings pouring in u deserve the best in lyf, continue Worshiping Him, :) I love u friend have a Jol today<=-P  \=D/ and May God lead Ur feet to greatness,happiness,Love and success!({})......................................... *beer* *beer* Cheers Birthday gal ;)
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this message made me cry. I sat there for a minute and cried because of this letter. thank you Ntokozo.

Now my mom is not much of a sms person but when I woke up and saw she sent me this message I was touched. Thank you mom for bringing me into this world, for teaching me to speak my mind and never think little of myself. oh...and the birthday gifts. you my rock !

than my sista inlaw gave me a laugh when she sent me this messsge with my nieces singing happy birthday to me, thank family lmfao .

Sunday my parents gave me my gifts than took  me out for supper.
 My daughter kept singing happy birthday

 By the time it was time to go home my dad and i were doing the one two step from all the shooters we doing. lol gotta love my daddy.

 Here we were sipping on some vodka and gin ......... not my dads favourite lol

Mandy, Nelly, Phila thank you my angels for going out of your way to making the weekend the best. i love you guys may God strengthen our friendship because we are going far.
ntokozo and mpumi you have always been there together every step of journey. you put up with my bluntness and have always been greatful. i love you family. When i cry we cry together when we laugh we laguh together.
mom and dad I know raising me has not been always great but your unconditional love has made me the beautiful soul I am today. thank you for your teachings and reminding me that I am a beautiful flower. boNgwane Mtiyane Sogodi ngiyabonga!
and God thank you ! your love for me has never ended .
Dear God,
It's me again...I am so far from where I could have been
Dear God, I would be incomplete
But you came and touched my life in time of need
So I'm thanking you for all you've done
And for sacrificing your only son
That's why I'm writing you this letter
To let you know that I love you
Thank you for all that I am and for being a friend
Lord, my love for you'll never end

Dear God,
I'm so grateful for the way you've changed my life
I'd give all I have, I'd just throw it all away
For a chance to walk with you through heaven's gates
That's why I'm thanking you for your love and your grace
I don't deserve these blessings that you give to me

Dear God,
As a humble women I come to you like a child
Needing your knowledge, your love, and your guidance Lord
Thank you for trusting me with my own life's decisions
But I'm just a women, and I don't deserve this incredible life that you've given me
I love you Lord, I love you

Dear God, I'm so sorry, so sorry for living for me
But I promise from this day on I'm livin' for you
'Cause without you my life means nothing

Have a great week!
signing off: Boss Lady

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